Saturday, October 5, 2013

Beauty Find-Hair and Scalp Treatment

 Hello Beauties!

Thanks to the magic of the internet we have discovered a great treatment for your scalp and hair. The results are stronger, healthier and very silky hair.

Ingredients are:

4Tbs 100% Pure Sweet almond oil
8 drops of Pure peppermint oil
Squirt bottle of warm water
Wide tooth comb.

It feels amazing on your scalp!

After my treatment I braided my hair and put it in a bun. Then I covered it with a terry cloth Turbie twist to protect my pillow.

This morning I washed my hair and now the texture is very silky and my hair shines!

Below you will find links to 2 videos explaining how to accomplish this scalp treatment.

In the videos I  doubled the ingredients because my mom wanted to do her hair as well

For your shopping convenience I included links to for both the Sweet Almond oil and the peppermint oil 


Have fun with it Beauties!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Beauty Gift-Benefit Real Mascara

Hello Beauties!

Beauty Gift- Benefit Real Mascara

This month was my birthday and because of this I received a free gift from Sephora. My gift contained a very pricey mascara by Benefit called Real it also came with a Watts Up Luminizer/Highlighter. I will post about it at a later date. I was so excited about receiving this gift. I still am because I was able to give it to my sister and she loves it.

Yesterday we both decided to give it a try. I am not so crazy about it. To me it was clumpy and I really don't enjoy the little spikes at the tip. Needless to say this was not my favorite mascara.

However it may work for some of you because not all lashes are created equal. Carrie loves it and I agree it looked great on her lashes. After applying it to my lashes I turned to Carrie and handed her the tube of mascara. She was so excited. I am glad that she enjoys it and that it won't go to waste.

As I said previously this is a pricey mascara the price of a full size tube is $23. If you don't mind taking a risk then go for it. It might just work for you. If not then I don't really recommend it.

If you have purchased this mascara and love it please feel free to share it with us.

Have fun with it Beauties!


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Natural Beauty Products-Aztec Indian Healing Clay

Hello Beauties!

Natural Beauty Product-Aztec Indian Healing Clay

The name says it all with this fantastic product.

Wow! Have we had fun with this find. Carrie and I both enjoy YouTube tutorials. This particular gem is something that we learned on YouTube. Like any product we post though, we always try it ourselves before we share it with you. So far all the things we have shared we really like and we have a few more up our sleeves we just want to give them adequate time testing before we post them,

This Aztec clay is amazing! I cannot say enough good things about it. It tightens your skin, clears acne, diminishes and cleans out your pores. It is also good for bug bites. I purchased this clay at a Sprouts store on Ray Rd. in Chandler. A 1 pound container is only $6.99. In my opinion that is a very good deal. 

As with any of the products we post test it on a small patch of skin first to check for any possible allergies. Some things to know about this healing clay. Less is more. The more you pack it on the longer it takes to dry. If you apply this mask with others be for warned extreme laughter will follow the application. If it is too thick it will just crumble off into your sink. 

For one person you want to mix 1 Tbs clay with 1 1/2 Tbs apple cider vinegar. If its too thick add a little bit more apple cider vinegar. You want it to be like a thick paste. Apply all over your face and don't forget your neck as well. You want your neck to look as youthful as your face. Once you apply the clay all over your face and neck you let it dry for 10-15 mins.

Remember this is clay and it drys hard. Once dry, take a warm wash cloth and hold it on your face to soften the clay. This will make it a little easier to come off. Once your skin is completely clean turn on your faucet and rinse your clean face with cold water. This will help to close up those now clean pores. Pat your face dry and then moisturize it. We use coconut oil for this step. There is a possibility that your face and neck become red after removing the clay. Not to worry this goes away quickly especially with the coconut oil application. You will be left with soft tight glowing skin!

Below you will find a link to our Facebook page where we posted our own goofy video about the healing clay.

Enjoy Beauties!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Beauty Find-Sephora Forever Fuchsia Lip Stain 06

Hello Beauties!

Beauty Find-Sephora Forever Fuchsia Lip Stain 06

I have to say that Sephora delivers with this product. Sephora claims that this stain will last for a long time. That statement is completely true for me. I had this particular color on all day and did not ever have to reapply it.

The lip stain has a creamy texture that feels silky on your lips. I recommend that you let it dry for a few minutes before sipping your coffee or soda. Sephora currently has ten different shades for you to choose from. With all those choices you are bound to find the right one for you.  If  this color is too bold for you there nine other shades to choose from including my all time favorite color 01 Always Red. 

I absolutely LOVE the Sephora Lip Stain line. The cost is $12.00 per tube but a little goes a long way and in my opinion it is worth every penny. I am not one for spending a lot on cosmetics but, if I find something that works really well I will spend a little more. This lip stain can be purchased at Sephora online or your nearest Sephora store. 

Have fun with it Beauties!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Beauty Find- E.L.F. Fuchsia Fusion Blush

Hello Beauties!

Beauty Find-E.L.F. Fuchsia Fusion Blush

I hope that this post finds you all well and having a fantabulous day! 

We wanted to share this Beauty find with you because like everything we have posted so far we LOVE it! The great thing about this blush is the added sparkle. Unlike some blush products or even eye shadows the glitter is throughout the entire compact. With every swipe of your brush there is that added sparkle. 

The color is absolutely gorgeous and the pigment is fantastic. It can go on as sheer or as dark as you want it to. If you like a darker blush just swipe on a little more. I enjoy it so much that it's a staple color for me. 

Like all E.L.F. products this one is very affordable at only $3.00. For that price you could buy a couple of their other colors or an extra Fuchsia Fusion so you always have one on hand. 

E.L.F. products can be purchased online at your local Target and a select Walmart stores.

Enjoy your day Beauties and Sparkle on!


Thursday, August 29, 2013

Natural Beauty Products-Turmeric

Hello Beauties!

Don't you just love YouTube tutorials? I know that we do! They are always great for teaching you something new. Great tips and tricks to make our lives a little easier and our skin a little healthier.

Our latest find gives us all a little extra help with pesky fine lines and dark circles. We have found that the spice Turmeric works great. You can either make a thin mix with buttermilk or mix it with coconut oil. Smooth it gently under your eyes and then rinse it off thoroughly.    

You might want to wear gloves with this one Beauties the Turmeric can stain your nails yellow.

As with any of our natural product finds please try them on a small patch of skin to test for allergies first.

Enjoy Beauties!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Beauty Find-BH Cosmetics 120 Color Eye Shadow Palette

Hello Beauties! 

As you can tell by our blog my sisters and I love experimenting with different brands, colors, and types of makeup. This particular look was achieved by using an eye shadow palette from BH cosmetics. This is the 120 color 2nd edition palette. 

I chose it because of the variety of colors. It has both matte and shimmer so you get the best of both worlds. BH Cosmetic eye shadows have really good pigment and the color lasts a long time.

In this picture my sister chose light purple, dark purple, and black. To finish the look she used the NYX purple roll on shimmer shadow we posted about in June.

The BH Cosmetics 120 color eye shadow palette 2nd addition can be purchased from their website. At the time of this post BH is currently running a sale and the palette can be purchased for only $16.95 plus s/h. also carries it and the current price is $12.95 plus s/h. The links are posted below for your convenience. Have fun with it there really are no limitations.

Enjoy Beauties!